In October 2002, Art Slipock placed an ad in the Spirit:

– “Anyone interested in joining a social Havurah, please contact Michele and Art"  (plus their phone number.) The response was phenomenal, and within a few days, the Slipocks hosted the initial meeting of the group at their home for coffee and cake. There were probably between 20 and 30 people at that meeting. 

Friendships were immediately formed, and a decision was made to begin having monthly meetings or events if possible. 

Our first year (2002-2003) consisted mainly of meeting in member’s homes for coffee, cake, and conversation. We were still a relatively small group, and everyone knew everyone else. 

The “Shmooze News” was sent periodically to inform members of upcoming events.


Steve Lang was unanimously elected as President, and served for one year.  

Two outside events included a buffet and bingo night at the Sunset Station Casino, and a potluck picnic held at Seven Hills Park. 

We were on our way. 

The events above were organized by a variety of volunteers, and we thank them all. Let’s keep up the good work and have more people volunteer to chair more events – so that our Havurah continues to grow and continue to find new sources of entertainment and more reasons to meet even more frequently. 

EVENTS   -   2003


The Jews of Las Vegas” - a presentation by Professor Michael Green.  Coffee and dessert was served at two host's homes following the presentation, and we had our largest attendance ever – 98 people. 

Rosh Hashanah potluck dinner


“Break the Fast” potluck dinner 

The Havurah had swelled to almost 100 members – but we were still holding many events  in private homes.


Menorah Lighting on Fremont Street followed by a “no host” Hanukkah buffet at the Sunset Station Casino here.



 Recorded by Davida Noyek Handler

From the beginning – October, 2002 

Havurah has a Sunshine Committee whose purpose is to comfort members at a time of loss or illness.    If you become aware of health related issues regarding members, please communicate this information to the sunshine committee chairpersons, Judy Schneider (702-617-0123) sunshine or Barbara Miller (702-361-1165) backup-sunshine.

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Havurah, or friendship group, at Sun City Anthem, Henderson, Nevada, was formed in 2002 as a means for Jewish residents and others, new to the community or established, to meet, socialize and ease the transition from their prior locations.  We often tell new members to think of us as their “new family.”  This is achieved by organizing a variety of social, cultural, educational and recreational events throughout the year.

The SCA Havurah welcomes all SCA residents to join and participate in its activities.   Link to OFFICERS, JOIN US, CONTACT US.

All members and prospectives please watch this film about our club by Anthem's top videographer, Ary Mirochnik: