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Sun City Anthem Havurah Club

Henderson, Nevada


·   To carry out Article I B of our By-Laws that states:  The purpose of the organization is to be a social group celebrating Jewish history and culture.

·   To provide a warm and comfortable environment for members to meet and make new friends.

·   To plan and organize events and activities for the enjoyment of our members.

·   To encourage members to volunteer their time to assist with arranging and organizing events and activities.

·   To celebrate the major Jewish holidays.

·   To disseminate information of a Jewish nature that would be of interest to our members.


·   Havurah will not allow the member roster to be given or sold to any business or organization for any purpose whatsoever.

·   Havurah members will elect five board members (Officers), to fill the roles of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Membership.  The election of Officers is governed by the By-Laws of Havurah and Sun City Anthem.

·   In carrying out the Mission Statement, Havurah will promote activities or events of Jewish interest, but will not promote or endorse any businesses or organizations arranging those events or activities, unless otherwise agreed by the Officers.  No outside event will be publicized if it conflicts with a planned Havurah event or activity.

The following example is intended to clarify this policy.  If a business, synagogue, theater or other organization arranges a Purim play or a Menorah lighting ceremony, or any other event or activity of interest to our members, by informing our members we will be promoting Purim or Hanukkah or whatever event of interest is offered.  This should not be interpreted as Havurah promoting or endorsing the businesses, synagogues, theaters or other organizations arranging those events and activities.

·   Out of respect, Havurah will not schedule events or activities on Shabbat (Friday nights and Saturday days) except for our Shabat Dinners.

·   As per Article II C of our By-Laws and in accordance with SCA Guidelines for Chartered Clubs, guests of members are welcome to attend Havurah events or activities, subject to space availability, under the following terms:

o     "Association Member Guests are permitted to attend Club functions a maximum of two (2) times each, and must then join the Club in order to continue enjoying benefits."

o     Non-Association Member Guests do not qualify for Club membership, must be accompanied by a Club member and should not attend more than five (5) Club functions per year, unless otherwise approved by the Lifestyles Committee.

o     At those events or activities where members pay a fee, the fee for guests will be an additional 20%.

·   For further clarification on Policy please read our By-Laws that are posted on the Havurah web site in the BY-LAWS, MISSION  & POLICYpage.