Title2019 BoardE-mail
PresidentWendy Linowpresident@sca-havurah.org
TreasurerAlan Alterbaumtreasurer@sca-havurah.org
SecretaryLenore Delmansecretary@sca-havurah.org
Vice President-Eventsn/avp-events@sca-havurah.org
Vice President-MembershipMaxine Drapkinvp-membership@sca-havurah.org

Co-Vice President-Activities-1

Helene Laefervp-activities1@sca-havurah.org

Co-Vice President-Activities-2

Jan Grinelvp-activities2@sca-havurah.org
Member-at-Large/Past PresidentBarbara Millermember-at-large1@sca-havurah.org
Member-at-Large/Dine-outRhonda Begunmember-at-large2@sca-havurah.org
Member-at-Large/CommunicationsKaren Simonmember-at-large3@sca-havurah.org
Member-at-Large/Volunteer & Kitchen CoordinatorBobbi Garronmember-at-large4@sca-havurah.org
Member-at-Large/Events & Secretary BackupMarilyn Lernermember-at-large5@sca-havurah.org
Member-at Large/EventsCarole Bernsteinmember-at-large6@sca-havurah.org
Member-at Large/Events & GenealogyHart Hoffmanmember-at-large7@sca-havurah.org
Member-at-Large/AdvisorSue Matzkinmember-at-large8@sca-havurah.org

The Sunshine Committee's purpose is to comfort members at a time of loss or illness.   If you become aware of health related issues regarding members, please communicate this information to the sunshine chairperson, at the e-mail shown above.

The Singles Group's purpose is to organize activities for singles or special seating arrangements at club dinners, breakfasts, etc. so that they feel they belong, rather than feeling isolated.

The Election Committee is responsible for obtaining nominees for the Board of Directors and presenting the slate to the membership for voting.  Their duties also include counting the ballots and validating the election results.

The Dine-out Group arranges group dining out affairs at local eateries, breakfasts, luncheons, or dinners.

The Jewish Genealogy Group will discuss Jewish Genealogy.  Learn techniques and tricks, trace your ancestry.


  Print the application, fill it out, then deposit it, along with a check for $15 per new member in Havurah's mail slot.  Please make checks payable to Sun City Anthem Community Association, Inc. 




Judy Schneider

Susan Sernoe




 Lois Ripes

Maxine Nudelman



Dine-outRhoda Begundine-out@sca-havurah.org
Jewish Genealogy

Hart Hoffman




You are qualified to be a member of the club if you are a resident of Sun City Anthem, Henderson, Nevada.

If you have questions pertaining to the Havurah please contact any membership vice-president by phone or email: vp-membership@sca-havurah.org  702-837-4355


Spirit Magazine Liaison/


Marnee Foldoespirit1@sca-havurah.org

Spirit Magazine Liaison/


Barbara Millerspirit2@sca-havurah.org
WebsiteGary Rosenthalwebmaster@sca-havurah.org


Email Blastmasters

Rana Goodman

Hart Hoffman

Debbie Blonder




Postal Mailn/a



Sun City Anthem Havurah Club

Henderson, Nevada

This page contains the contact information for the Havurah Board of Directors, Committee and Group Chairpersons, Communication Contacts, and Event Chairpersons.  Descriptions of the Committees, Groups, and Communication Team are also included.

To communicate with any of the individuals, click on the applicable e-mail address.

Spirit Magazine Liaison for information we wish to disseminate to  the Anthem community.

Websitemaintenance is the responsibility of the webmaster.  Contact webmaster for any website related issues at the above address.

Email bulletins are issued on an as-needed basis.  Email address problems/corrections should be sent to the treasurer who maintains the roster at the above address.

Snail mail is for those members that don't have e-mail addresses.  If you need to receive announcements, etc. by snail mail, please inform the postal mail person.

President - The president leads the membership and ensures it functions effectively.  The president runs the board and membership meetings.  

Vice President-Events - The vice president-events presides over meetings in the absence of the president.  This officer works with the vice president-membership to formulate and maintain the club calendar and schedule events.  This officer is responsible for the club affairs.

Vice President-Membership - The vice president-membership presides over meetings in the absence of both the president and the vice president-events.  This officer is the primary contact for new members explaining club structure and activities and welcoming new members at all events. 

Treasurer - The treasurer is responsible for collection of dues and disbursement of funds. Maintains financial records, reconciles bank statements, and handles financial reporting to the membership and SCA association.  The treasurer also maintains the membership roster.

Secretary - The secretary records the minutes for all board and general meetings and disseminates the minutes to the membership.  The secretary is responsible for maintaining the archives of previous minutes.  The secretary is also responsible for submitting all website changes, corrections and updates to the webmaster.

Vice President-Activities - The vice president (or vice presidents)-activities is (or are) responsible for overseeing club events, making sure they are properly planned and executed, organizing volunteers as needed for setting up, serving, cleaning up, etc.